Tips and tricks to help you to prepare your entry for submission in the competition!




We get it. Writing your entry to a competition can be daunting. To help  get you started with your first short story, poem, screenplay, play script or article, we’ve compiled resources to give you ideas and tips on how to get started.


When you’re ready, don’t forget to upload your entry to this year’s competition, here!


Short  Story

Read Write Think: Help a child write a story


Oxford Learning: How to improve Writing Skills for Kids, 14 Steps


The Guardian: Writing tips for kids from children’s authors


The School Run: Creative writing for children


Bookstart: Let’s write a story


Kumon: Top 5 creative writing tips for children


Corey Green: Story writing tips for kids




Michael Rosen’s video tips for creating a poetry friendly environment


Kenn Nesbitt’s Poetry 4 Kids


Read Write Think: Help a child write a poem


My Kids’ Adventures: How to Write a poem with your kids


The School Run: Inspire your child to write poetry


The Guardian: Reluctant writer? 10 top tips to help primary pupils write poetry



Play script

BBC Bitesize: How to set out a play script


Teach Kids How: Teach your child how to write and produce a play




MENSA: Writing a screenplay


Pens to Lens: Building blocks of a script


Pens to Lens: Formatting a script


Pens to Lens: Understand a screenplay


Pens to Lens: Format the script


Pens to Lens: Write an adaptation




BBC: School report


BBC: School report – practical tips 


Society of Professional Journalists: Quick tips for being a smarter reporter


Ready? Now you’re set to upload your entry to the competition, here!