Talented writers revealed on 2016 shortlist




Following another exciting year of entertaining stories and poems, we are delighted to announce the shortlisted writers of the 2016 Young Muslim Writers Awards, presented with the Yusuf Islam Foundation.


Winners from this year’s competition will be announced at the awards ceremony on 3rd December 2016.



Key Stage 1 Poetry (Ages 5-7)
Being A Girl – Imaani Zara Abdul-Karim
Crunchy & Munchy, Guess Who I Am – Samiya Tasneem Hoque
My Brother – Hassan Sajid
Super Mum, Peace – Abdul Sami Riaz
The Caterpillar – Zaynab Valji


Key Stage 2 Poetry (Ages 7-11)
Feelings of Fright and Fear – Haniya Rizwan
Inspiration and Death is Knocking at the Door – Myra Durrani
Queen’s Birthday – Maryam Aaliyah Russell
The Beauty of the Sun – Hannah Shums
War and Peace – Samaa Qureshi


Key Stage 3 Poetry (Ages 11-14)
The Essence of Autumn – Seher Rahman
Home – Zoya Anwar
The Edge of Reality, or Maybe Just a Dream – Needa Shafi
The Wound – Sehrish Kauser
Memories – Safiyah Rehman


Key Stage 4 Poetry (Ages 14-16)
War Child – Imaan Irfan
Doves and Petrol – Barirah Ashfak
Puppets and Dolls, and other poems – Safiyya Haq
Sorrowful Hues – Hanniya Kamran
My Poems – Nûr-al-ayn Nisar


Key Stage 1 Short Story (Ages 5-7)
Ben’s Scary Journey – Tanisha Chowdhury
Eid Mubarak – Aishah Arike Ola-Olukotun
Imagination Runs Wild – Zain Durrani
Mia the Maroon Fairy – Zareena Khan
The Circus and the Robbery – Rayan Rasool


Key Stage 2 Short Story (Ages 7-11)
Lost – Nadia Kasmani
The Golden Pocket Watch – Amena Salem
The Lost Diamond – Khatijah Khaliq
The Lost Prince – Aaminah Green
The Wondrous World of Azile – Eliza Tahir


Key Stage 3 Short Story (Ages 11-14)
Pit Stops – Lamees Mohamed
Sand – Imani Ahmed
The Mysterious Vessel – Zayd Abid Russell
The Road to Darkness – Hajra Naheem Akram
Agent Khan – Jiyaad Ali


Key Stage 4 Short Story (Ages 14-16)
War Poppy – Ammaarah Karim
Life on Hold – Esraa Abushaala
The Captivation – Hibah Seedat
Expect the Unexpected – Nadine Salem
The Foreigner – Sumaiya Fazal