Review: Amazing Muslims Who Changed the World


By Burhana Islam (author), Nabi H. Ali (Illustrator) Reya Ahmed (Illustrator) Saffa Khan (Illustrator) Aaliya Jaleel (Illustrator) Deema Alawa (Illustrator) Aghnia Mardiyah (Illustrator)

Published by Puffin Books (July 2020)


A review by Aishah Kola-Olukotun

Young writer and winner of the 2019 Young Muslim Writers Awards, Ages 7-11 Poetry


Rating: 5/5



‘Amazing Muslims Who Changed the World’ is a wonderful book that has inspired me to be a better Muslim. Each chapter taught me about Muslims alive or dead who made an impact in the world. It has shown me that we all can make a difference and help the world. My favourite person was Sayyida Al-Hurra. She was a pirate of the western sea who also ruled Tétouan.


Sayyida Al-Hurra – Illustration © Saffa Khan



I also love the fact that at the end of each chapter, it includes an interesting fact that tells me more about the person. Out of 5 stars, I would give this book a 5 because it is interesting, it teaches me about the past Muslims, it gives a detailed explanation about what impact they had on the world and it has amazing pictures to give us an idea about what the person may have looked like.


Sir Mo Farah – Illustration © Saffa Khan



Each section has descriptive writing that paints an image in my head. All the characters had a different effect on the world. What was sad about the book was the fact that a lot of these people were forgotten by the world. However, this book helps their legacy to be told again.


If I had never read this book, I would not have known about half of these people. It will help not only me, but a vast amount of Muslims as well. I also enjoyed the story about Dame Zaha Hadid, who was an architect. Life did not always go right for her. Her architectural buildings were turned down many times, but she kept on working hard until finally they were excepted. She was even pronounced a Dame by the queen of England herself.


Noor Inayat Khan – Illustration © Reya Ahmed



At night, I would eagerly read page after page, it was extremely hard to put down. Each story grasped me and pulled me into a timeline of history. I am sure that all the Muslims of the world, young or old, will thoroughly enjoy this book. It has really helped me, and I am certain that it will help others to.



I greatly thank the author of this book for showing me a new light to Muslims and helping me know more about the great Muslims of the world. I strongly believe that with this book I will carry on living my life as a changed person and believe that Muslims can make an impact and change in the world. I am sure that everyone else who lay their eyes upon it will too.