Book Review: A Change is Gonna Come

By Various Authors

Stripes (Little Tiger Press Group)



A review by Safeerah Mughal

Young Muslim Writers Awards 2015 Winner – Key Stage 4 (Age 14-16) Poetry and Short Story




In ‘A Change is Gonna Come’ a diverse group of authors come together to shake the foundations of tabooed topics such as mental health and racism.



The language and plot is unforgivingly gripping and threads you to the protagonists and their journeys throughout the collection. The pages ooze with culture and laughter and tears and more importantly is incredibly relevant and relatable.



My personal favourites were ‘Hackney Moon’ by Tanya Byrne and ‘A Refuge’ Ayisha Malik.



‘A Refuge’ Is confronting and brings to light some of the harrowing events that can take place.  The unlikely friendship of Sabrina and Homa – the refuge – adds to the narrative and makes it even more heart breaking.



‘A Change is Gonna Come’ is the powerful new anthem for change.