2017 Shortlist Announced

Muslim Hands is delighted to announce the shortlisted entries in the 2017 Young Muslim Writers Awards.


Key Stage 1 Poetry – Age 5-7
The Three Amigos
The Jungle
My Family
Midnight Adventure

Key Stage 2 Poetry – Age 7-11
Al Mussawwir -The Artist
The Woodland Adventure
The Lake
All Those Creatures Around Our Home
Amazing Animals

Key Stage 3 Poetry – Age 11-14
Refugee Camp Winter
The End
Play That Song

Key Stage 4 Poetry – Age 14-16
Once There Was a Girl
Fear is like a Sword
The Brink of Insanity
A Mother’s Love
Am I?

Key Stage 1 Short Story – Age 5-7
The Marvellous Helpers from the Book World!
The Tree Kings
The Magic Mat Story
The Rocket Treehouse
Lost and Found

Key Stage 2 Short Story – Age 7-11
The Memory
The Adventures of Super Strawberry
The Animal Whisperer
The Sea Witch
The Resplendent Reward

Key Stage 3 Short Story – Age 11-14
The Escape
Verily, with Hardship
Museums, Harbours and Death
Glass Dome

Key Stage 4 Short Story – Age 14-16
The Hole in the Mountain
Nuclear July
The Game

Key Stage 3 Journalism – Age 11-14
A Woman’s Worth
The Crisis of the Lack of Fire Safety in Britain
We Need to Take Action
Acid Arise!
Child Terrorism



An outstanding panel of judges are assessing these shortlisted to determine this year’s winners.


Winners will be announced at an award’s ceremony in London on Saturday 9th December.


For press queries, further details about the ceremony and to express an interest in attending, please email mail@ymwa.org.uk.